My Mother was active, vibrant, funny when we slowly started noticing the little things that she would forget. These little things turned into big things quickly, within two years this terrible disease had this beautiful women forgetting to do all the normal things she would always do.

While working this is a hard thing for families to take on and deal with. I was lucky my business partner Tom Marshall would always tell me to “go be with your Mom, I have this.” Even after having to work from home more when we had to move in her in with us he was there to support her. He danced with her anytime he could as he knew how much she loved to dance and be around music. He was never embarrassed and was always the first one to get her out there. So when we put together our business plan for 2016 he was excited and back me doing the Alzheimer’s walk. Sadly he passed away very suddenly just a few months before our 1st annual walk.

So I do this walk not only for her but for him also!  He had a huge passion for helping others. I hope you can join and be part of this amazing community to do whatever we can to stop, cure and do more research for the cause of this horrific disease that effects millions of people and families each year.

Thank you,

Julie Murray

The Sold It Group


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